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Online slots have always been one of the favorite casino games for many players, but do you know the basic rules of online slots? Below we introduce you to the basic symbols of online slots.

Wild symbols
Wild symbols replace all other symbols on the reels to complete winning combinations except for scatter symbols (which will always pay out regardless of other symbols on the reels). Bonus rounds at jili 178 free coins are different games that award an additional payoff when certain conditions are met. Scatter symbols pay out based on how many appear in any position on the reels (not necessarily just landing on the same space). Progressive jackpots start at a set amount and increase with each bet placed until someone wins it all! Finally, multiple pay lines allow you to place more than one wager per spin by choosing how many lines you want to bet on between one and five at a time (you can also add more coins per line if desired).

Scatter symbols
Scatter symbols are used to trigger bonus rounds, which are usually referred to as “free spins” in online gaming. Free spins allow you to earn multipliers on your winnings while playing with no risk of losing any money. You can also get additional features such as wild symbols, which substitute for all other symbols except scatters and bonus symbols; or extra reels, which allow you to play more than one line at a time.

One thing many players don’t know is that free spins can also be played when you hit certain pairs of symbols on your first line bet. For example, if you bet $1 per line and get a heart and diamond combo on your first reel, then this would trigger 10 free spins automatically!

Multiple pay lines
Most slot machines have between one and five pay lines, which means that each time you spin the reels, you can bet up to five coins per line. If you bet five coins per line and spin three times (and get a winning combination), then you would win 15 coins total because each coin played on a specific pay line counts as one coin toward your total payout amount (i.e., if you’re playing with five coins per line, then each coin is worth $0.20).

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