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There are many types of online slots, but we have discussed three major types at online casino like jili 178 games. Let’s have a look at each of them to know more about them.

1) Classic Slots
These are the games that you find in casinos and land-based casinos. They have symbols that represent different things like fruits, numbers, and animals. The symbols are placed on the reels which spin when you press the button or pull lever on your machine. You need to match at least three symbols to win a prize.

2) Video Slots
Video slots are more advanced than classic slots because they have more modern graphics and animations which make them more interesting to play with. These games also include different features such as wilds, scatters etc which can help you win bigger prizes if you get them in your game play.

3) Progressive Slot Games
Progressive jackpots are always increasing until someone wins them which makes these games fun as well as exciting for players who want to win big prizes but cannot afford expensive machines in land-based casinos or playing consoles at home all day long!

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