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The reason why Filipino players like to bet on online sports betting through jili178 so much has to do with the selection of live matches available on jili178, and it varies from sport to sport. The number of markets available for a match depends on the level of play, for example, you will find more markets in the English Premier League than in lower division matches. You can bet on almost any soccer market you can think of, including full and half time scores, handicap bets, Asian Handicap bets and no draw bets.

Before you decide to bet on sports, you should study how to play online sportsbooks in detail

There are now thousands of online sports betting camps where you can place bets and get free bet bonuses to play on your cell phone, and if someone still can’t choose which sports to play, then come to the Philippines’ most popular online casino, jili178, where you can place bets on all your favorite sports, soccer, basketball, tennis, field hockey, golf, virtual sports, or eSports, 24 hours a day. Or e-sports, you can bet on Moneyline, Over/Under, Point Spread, Futures, Props, and Parlays.

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Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes in Philippine online casinos and can be fun if done responsibly. Whether you are new to sports betting or have been into it for years, this guide will help you find the best online sportsbook for your needs. With the right knowledge, sports betting can be profitable.

Sports Betting Strategies

Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes in Philippine online casinos and can be fun if done responsibly. Whether you are new to sports betting or have been into it for years, this guide will help you find the best online sportsbook for your needs. With the right knowledge, sports betting can be profitable.

Managing sports betting funds

Sports betting is very interesting and can be very lucrative, but there are some differences. Most people at jili178 will have winning and losing streaks. This is normal, you will not win every bet. The first aspect of money management is to determine how much of your money you have at jili178. Your play money should be separate from your regular money, the less likely you are to win the type of bet you are betting on, the more your money will fluctuate.

Tips for Successful Betting

Sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s important to gain experience, learn from mistakes and try to maintain discipline. To gather complete sports betting knowledge, jili178 bettors need to have a solid knowledge of sports, an understanding of odds calculation, and also excellent money management skills. In order for you to become a more successful sports bettor, you need to do your best to evaluate everything you can possibly do.

Odds and Line Changes
Odds change because of the actions of the betting community. When we receive a lot of betting action on one side of a race, the same sportsbook needs to bring the line back into balance. First set the initial line, the sportsbook line is not always correct. Sports betting is a separate operation. Betting companies often change betting lines and odds to reflect the public’s reaction to certain lines. Sportsbooks want to take perfect action (bets) on each side of the game so that they can make money no matter who wins.
Account Limits
Dealing with limited or closed betting accounts may be something you should be aware of. If you wish to place a bet with a specific bookmaker, they may limit your account or close it altogether, we reserve the right to limit your account if they feel you are not following their rules, if the proceeds of your bets seem to give you an advantage or are not in line with jili178’s goals. And jili178 represents a trusted and secure site that can make your life easier.
The Right Bet

What do we mean by “the right way” when we talk about choosing betting options? If all you care about is having fun, then you can bet as much as you want. The amount you make or lose is much more important than your record, and the key to understanding if this is a good betting option is the implied probability. The second thing players need to understand is to find value in the game, and the best way to prove it is your sports betting history, which can be viewed on jili178 for each member’s betting history.

Sports games that you can bet on at jili178

UFC, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, E-sports are some of the popular sports in modern Filipino sports betting and by joining jili178 you can bet on these interesting sports and jili178 also offers online sports betting to help all players watch the excitement of live sports competition while also You can also bet on half time or on your favorite player during the game.


For bettors looking for excitement and fast paced action, jili178 recommends you bet on the UFC, a sport that has been around for years in sports betting, also known as the “Ultimate Fighting Championship”, where each UFC fight pits two very different men (and sometimes women) against each other. Each fighter has a unique fighting style that is either advantageous or debilitating depending on their opponent, and the UFC has five weight classes and enforces the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. With high-level fighters constantly battling it out, betting fans never have to wait for a thrilling matchup.

Common UFC betting options:


A UFC Moneyline is a bet on which fighter will win the fight. There are four different options to choose from when placing UFC payline bets. It doesn't matter how or when they win as long as you bet on who will win the fight. As long as they win the fight, you win!

Round Over/Under

The UFC Over/Under bet is one of the most popular bets among bettors. If you think the fight is going to be short, then Under might be a good choice. On the other hand, if you think a fight is going to go deep into the championship game, then Over might be for you.

Method of Victory

Choosing a winning bet can be difficult because you need to know in advance how the race is going to play out. However, if you feel you have an intuitive sense of how things will play out, then putting some cash on the line here might be a very good idea.

Exact Round Finish

If you're new to UFC betting, then you probably haven't heard of "exacta end-of-round bets," and one of the highest-priced bets in the UFC is the exacta end-of-round bet. With this bet, all you have to do is decide which round the fight will end in.


As long as you get it right every time you bet, you win the round. Pass betting is a way of betting on multiple outcomes. If one or more of your bets loses, your pass bet is a loss. The more bets you add, the higher your potential return.

Go the distance

Instead of predicting whether the fight will end or not, "Go the distance" gives you the chance to win your UFC bet at the end of the final round. However, these betting options are not very popular.


If you’re looking for a place to bet on NFL games online, then you’ve come to the right place. Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Every sports fan wants to bet on their favorite team, and watching a game is even better when the fan can win some money on their team. Of all the major sports, the NFL is probably the most popular among sports bettors.

Popular betting options in the NFL:

When you bet the point spread, you bet on the difference between each team's score, with the favorite team expected to win a certain number of points, and the losing team expected to lose by the same amount of points or win by more points. Point spread betting is very popular in soccer and basketball.


The real opportunity with spread betting is to use your knowledge to find bets where you think the odds reflect less risk than the real risk. Finding these bets will make you more successful. Another benefit is that many online sports books offer sign-up bonuses and continual bonuses that qualify players for free bets.


Betting is always exciting, and in the NFL, you have even more ways to make money. To make things even more confusing, if you bet on your favorite team and that team wins by more than 37.5 points, you will still win your bet. It's a fast and efficient way to do it.


NFL prop bets are a great way to keep your normal game day activities active. They add an element of excitement and fun that you don't get from traditional team win-loss bets, and propositions or "props" are a unique type of bet.

future bets

Worth mentioning are the future bets. As you might suspect, these bets are placed before the event. One of the most common is betting on a team to win the Super Bowl. Betting on your team to win before the season starts pays off much better than betting on them to win after winning two playoff games.


jili178 is a site that offers legal, reliable and beautiful NBA betting venues. If your goal is to bet on the NBA online, and if you love the NBA, you’ll be impressed with how much basketball-related content is available on our site. Betting on the NBA can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the best places to get help is the Expert Picks section of jili178.

Common NBA betting options:

Betting the spread is one of the most common ways to bet on NHL hockey games online. You will also see these referred to as hockey online bets. The idea behind hockey line bets is to "level the playing field" between two teams that are not perfectly matched.


Moneyline bets are very popular at most NHL online sportsbooks. They are not predetermined like point spreads, totals or even parlays. You can practically bet on NHL games. Bookmakers cannot provide props or betting lines for them.


Over/under bets allow you to bet on the total number of goals scored in a game rather than on who will win. For this type of bet, bet over or under at the odds given by the sportsbook. A wide variety of NHL betting lines are available covering all teams and players in the league.


Prop bets can make online NHL betting even more complex, especially when they are part of a larger over-the-top bet. Which player will get the most penalties, but they can also add a whole new level of excitement to betting on the NHL.


In recent years, sports betting has undergone a major shift in betting on the future, and most public bettors are now willing to put money on their favorite teams, all with the help of jili178.


Baseball is a beloved sport that has been around for over 100 years. As one of the most popular sports in the world, baseball has long been a favorite of fans and bettors alike. Baseball betting is a great way to earn extra cash while enjoying this exciting sport even more. The way Major League Baseball is played today means that every inning generates a wide variety of statistics. There is an MLB baseball game almost every week. This means that baseball is one of the most exciting American sports.

Popular types of MLB bets:

Finding betting lines for MLB prop bets has never been a problem. jili178 has a huge list of updated MLB prop bets. If you like betting on baseball, then you'll love betting on MLB prop bets.


Parlay bets in MLB are like all-in bets - one mistake and you lose your entire bet. parlay bets are popular because they usually offer a bigger payout than any individual bet. If you make a parlay bet, you can win multiple times the original bet amount.

F5 wager

Look at some of the best MLB top 5 inning betting sites to find the best book for you. If there is a tie, the payout line may be returned to the original bet. You may also see these bets described as baseball 5-inning lines or MLB 5-inning lines.

Run Line

When you bet on MLB run lines, you do not have to pick the winner. They must win the game by two runs or more. A run line bet is a combination of a money line and a point spread bet in baseball. The win line is used in conjunction with the run line to set the odds for each team.


Over/under bets are one of the most common bets in sports betting. Over/under bets are a popular choice when betting on all MLB games this season, and these types of bets are easy to master.


Futures bets are bets on events or happenings that are going to happen in the future. These types of futures allow a team to accomplish specific goals during their season, such as winning their division or winning the World Series.

Dime Lines

Basically, every MLB game offers a dime line. Many books even offer penny lines on MLB futures betting. A dime line is a bet where the difference between a favorite and a loser is only -10.


Moneylinbe bets are the most traditional type of bet in MLB betting. The way to calculate the payout odds is to see how much a $100 bet pays out for each team. To place a bet on the moneyline, pick the team you think will win.


The professional gaming scene has changed dramatically in the last decade, and this is just the beginning. Fans and teams are bigger than ever, creating a new movement in the world of professional gaming. E-sports is a form of competition that uses video games. The most common forms of e-sports are organized multiplayer video game tournaments, especially between professional players, such as CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and Rocket League.

E-sports common betting methods:
Region of Winner

It's easier to bet on the winner's region in a big tournament than on each team, so if you want to hedge a lot of bets, you can bet on them in their region. If you want to bet on multiple games and teams at once, it becomes much easier.


Sometimes, the odds on your favorite player or team are so low that it's hardly worth betting on. Handicap betting can come in handy when one team looks better than the other, or when one of the top teams is an underdog.

First Blood

All bettors' predictions for first blood are based on in-depth research of these teams' records over the past 10 games, as first blood is not easy to predict which pro will strike first in the game, and players have to study the team for a long time.

Tournament Winner

Some sportsbooks allow you to bet directly on the winner of the tournament. Depending on the odds offered, picking your favorite won't bring big profits, but you have a higher chance of winning.

Match Winner

Simple match winner bets are one of the most popular forms of eSports betting, and for good reason. Betting on the outright winner of a race or event puts you at a disadvantage for the entire game.


There are various high/low markets for eSports betting. As with traditional sports, the bookmaker will set odds and you can place a bet based on whether the final count of a particular statistic is above or below that threshold.


E-sports is a fast growing market that is attracting new players every day. These new players often want to know how eSports betting works and in particular how it differs from “regular” sports betting. Compared to traditional sports betting, eSports betting is still in its early stages, but it is growing at a very fast pace.

Yes, in fact, this is one of the many reasons why it is so popular around the world. Sports betting is popular all over the world because it offers a lot of fun while earning real money.

In the long run, it is very difficult to make a profit and very few people are destined to make a living from sports betting. Just know that sports betting is very competitive and very few people can win regularly. People often make a living from the leaked information provided by online betting sites.